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General Information


This study group is intended to give students the knowledge necessary to pass the latest Sun Java Certification exam.  For more information on this exam, see  This is not a course "per se" in that you do not register for it, and you are not assigned a grade.  This is not a course officially provided by R.I.T.  However, students that attend the meetings are expected to take the study group seriously, do the assigned work and attend every meeting.


The idea for this course was that of Mark Roth and Paul Tymann.  In the interest of not wanting to pay for the Java Certification exam just to fail it, we've decided to hold a study group that will cover all neccesary topics required to achieve a passing grade on the exam.


The official instructor for this course is Paul Tymann.  However, we keep students awake by having each of them teach at least one chapter in the book.


If you have questions regarding this course, or would like to sign up for it, please contact either Mark Roth (, or Paul Tymann (


The text used for this course is "Java 1.1 Certification Study Guide" - by Simon Roberts and Philip Heller.  ISBN  0-7821-2069-5.  This book may not be available in the bookstore, but is available through Barnes & Noble, or, among others.  Students are required to purchase this book, or look along with others who have.  This textbook has received excellent reviews and was written by one of the people responsible for writing the exam.

Meeting Place / Time

This course meets in the Small CS Conference Room in the Ross Building (Building 10) on Tuesday nights from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.


Planned Schedule

Each week, one or more students will present some topic in the course.  Selected sample code and labs for each week will be available below.  PowerPoint presentations are available for most covered labs.  Click on the topic name to download the PowerPoint file in PowerPoint 97 format.  Click on the name of a presenter to send them email.
Week Read Chapters Topic Presenter Labs/Sample Code
1   No Meeting    
2   Introduction to Course 
Assignment of Topics
Paul Tymann
Paul Tymann
3 1, 2, 5 Language Fundamentals
Operators and Assignments 
Flow Control and Exceptions
Paul Tymann
Paul Tymann
Paul Tymann
4 3, 4, 6 Modifiers
Converting and Casting
Objects and Classes
Stephan Roorda
Stephan Roorda
Stephan Roorda
Lab 4
Inner-Class Lab
5 7 Threads Paul Tymann Lab 5  (Thanks, Seth)
6 9, 10 Components
Layout Managers
Mark Roth
Mark Roth
Lab 6
7 11, 12 Events
Mark Roth
Mark Roth
Lab 7
8 8 The java.lang Package Seth Ladd  
9 13, 14 Applets and HTML 
Input and Output
Shane Lathrop
Brian Spinnato
10   What's New in JDK 1.2? Entire Group  

Students should read the assigned chapters and attend the class to participate in the presentation.  Students should also complete any post labs assigned by the presenter.

Miscellaneous Topics

If time permits, the following topics will be covered:

Preparing a Presentation

Presenters preparing their material to present should place emphasis on the following: Students in the class are expected to read the material in order to be adequately prepared, and complete the post lab assigned by the presenter by the next meeting.

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