Mark Roth's Past Schedule Archive 

Fall Winter Spring Summer
19951 19952 19953 19954
19961 19962 19963 19964
19971 19972 19973 19974
19981 19982 19983 19984
What do all these numbers mean?

At R.I.T., we are on a quarter system, which means that we have four quarters of classes a year, each 10 weeks long (plus finals).  Quarters are numbered by a 4 digit year (Y2K compliant!), followed by a quarter number.  The first quarter starts in September of that year, and the last quarter ends in August of the next year.  What makes this so odd is that the second quarter ends in February of the next year, so only one quarter is actually in the stated year (i.e. 19961 is in 1996, but 19962, 19963, and 19964 are all in 1997!).  Go figure!

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