(Version 1.1)
by Octagon Software

If you like MinesweeperTM you'll get a charge out of this fast paced, intense game!

With some levels more than 4 times the size of Minesweeper's Expert Level, you won't just need a lesson in strategy, you'll need a bottle of aspirin.

To advance to the next level, you must fulfill your mission by collecting coins within the time limit.

But be careful...

Watch out for those BOMBS!

If you aren't lucky enough to outrun the bomb once you've uncovered it, you will lose your coins and start from the beginning of the board.

This game is a great blend of action and strategy.

Download "Bomb Patrol" for free today!

System Requirements:

Instructions: Registration:
Bomb Patrol is shareware.  The version you download from this website is missing a few fun features until you register.  Registration is only $6.50 and gives you the following: Registration encourages the author to create more high-quality games and programs such as Bomb Patrol.  Registration is handled by Universal Commerce, Inc., a reliable company that handles thousands of orders.  There are flexible ways to pay for your order, including Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.  Ordering online is safe - your personal information is transmitted using secure encryption.  If you are still unsure about ordering online, you may order by phone by calling toll free (877) 353-7297 in the United States, or (425) 392-2294 international.  Ask for Bomb Patrol, product id 2424-1.  To order online, just click the following link and follow the instructions:

This is the first installment of "Bomb Patrol." Your comments, questions, and concerns are welcome. In fact, they are necessary to make this game even better. So don't hold back, tell us what you think.

Email all your comments and suggestions to Mark Roth.